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Happy Birthday Slumpy!!!
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Your OC Noel, where did your inspiration for them come from? I think they're super cute!

Oh gosh.. >v>;; Well, to be perfectly honest, the inspiration for Noel’s character came directly from 9. I began comparing my characters to the stitchpunks in terms of the roles they play in the story, and I realized I wanted/needed an analog for 5— someone who could play the common man (or woman), the cowardly lion type, and who could become Maya’s friend very early on. Even the aspect of her being a sharpshooter derived from him, and some of my concepts still feature her with a crossbow.

That was the inspiration, and I’m happy to say she’s very much evolved into her own character. though I kept 5’s chub as much as possible >v<

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Warum sprecht Newt nur Deutsch?

The fact Newt can only speak German sort of falls in the neighborhood of “unexplained Geppetto Complex mysteries”, which Newt owns a lot of real estate in. xD However, while I can’t go into too much detail at the moment, I can say that it’s due at least in part to a traumatic experience she went through as a teenager in Stuttgart.



its too early to be laughing


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i'd like to know more about Newt. She's so pretty and cute and her optics are so cool and rad. ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

Weeeehh!! <v> I’m so glad you think so! Newt really is a sweetie once you get past her eccentricities. She’s basically the mother hen of the group and treats all her squad-mates like family, particularly Noel. The fact that she doesn’t speak English doesn’t even faze her— she just has so much love for all of them and would do anything to protect them.

Also an important note about those optics: no one knows what’s underneath them, because no one’s seen her without them. As far as anyone knows, she’s a cyborg.

Kirito and AsunaSword Art Online.
Requested by asuunaa.

Preferably my Geppetto Complex ones? I know I haven’t posted much about them but I just really wanna talk about them. I wanna know who/what people are interested in ;;v;;

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admittedly they’re nothing alike, but Vivian came to mind when i saw Sucy and i couldn’t help myself.


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It’s Maya-gazing-wistfully-out-the-window-in-a-shirt-and-undies kind of weather.

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