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Don’t do that!

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A lot of people have been very vocal in criticizing Destiny’s writing and how underdeveloped the actual story is compared to its massive and intriguing lore. From an objective angle, I understand where those people are coming from— it certainly doesn’t do justice to the universe’s huge potential, at least not in its current form. Perhaps I should be upset…

…but I’ve been through this before. One of my favorite movies of all time, Shane Acker’s 9, fell woefully short of its original vision. It felt big, it had big ideas, but the final product did those ideas very little justice. It was visually impressive but lacked the substance and character development to back it up. By all accounts it wasn’t what you’d call a fantastic movie.

And yet I still came away from it having fallen completely in love with it, and with its characters. It was a film rich with negative space, where freedom of imagination was the true key to enjoyment. The hollow storytelling became an open canvas for myself and other fans alike, where we could explore and expand on the fiction ourselves. Taking the small, weathered bricks we were given and building castles for the film’s characters to inhabit and grow within. In a way we loved the film because of its mediocrity and not in spite of it.

That’s exactly how I feel about Destiny. No one can argue that the story isn’t lacking, that it’s perfect the way it is, but for me personally it doesn’t need to be. There are so many unique and interesting things about this universe, so many characters to explore, that at this point it can literally be anything we want it to be. The only limit is your imagination.

Of course I’m NOT trying to discount the very valid criticisms that are floating around— whatever opinions you have of the game’s story and gameplay are yours, and you shouldn’t have to settle for what little you’ve been given. The game was hyped to high heaven so it’s understandable why a lot of you would be disappointed. But this is my opinion on the matter, based on my own experiences. I’m simply more than happy to fill in the gaps.

Besides, unlike 9, Destiny’s story isn’t over… there’s still more content on the way, more chances for the writers to turn it around and impress us. I’m an optimist by nature and I can’t give that up now, so I’m hopeful they’ll address the criticism and regain favor with the gaming community. But either way I’ll gladly take advantage of their shortcomings.

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Destiny - Queen of the Awoken

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It is afraid of the fallen. It does not understand these ones are mine.

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If anyone’s wondering why I’ve barely been online it’s because I’ve put 50+ hours into Destiny and I can’t stop. Nothing else matters to me anymore. I’m obsessed. Addicted. I am weak.

Maranov — Cognate Testament. Warlock still in training. Acts with resolve as fierce as the very flames she one day hopes to master, and faces her enemies with a generous discharge of bullets, magic and attitude. Her itchy trigger finger belies a cunning and inquisitive nature.

Report from the Cryptarchs:

Maranov awoke with no memory of the time before the Collapse. The young Warlock takes great pains in studying Golden Age tomes and relics; hoping to uncover clues to her own identity. She studies under Rahool, absorbing through him our knowledge of crypto-archaeology to better her own pursuits. Her actions are anything but self-interested however; her loyalty to her fellow Guardians is infallible. She will do anything for them, even if it brings her journey for answers to a… definitive conclusion.

Word from The Tower suggests she’s been plagued by violent hallucinations— waking dreams— following the Black Garden conflict. She believes that something dark is reaching out to her from beyond time. Whether these visions mean anything cannot be said at this point, but as followers of the Light we cannot afford to ignore them.

Progress Evaluation from Ikora Rey:

Voidwalker training is proceeding well. Maranov may yet master this energy. But her true passion lies in bending flame… and we will see just how well she avoids getting burned.

Be ready, Guardians.

baby: D... d...d.....
dad: Daddy?

Just six more hours till my life is over

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Destiny // Supers + Special Melees

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