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Hail, traveler! Call me Evayo or Eva-whatever-you-want. I like movies, anime, video games, and food. I also draw stuff and make gifs sometimes.
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Been thinking a lot lately about an old project of mine that I started in middle school, and that still doesn’t have a definite title. :T

It was basically my first original story, and I’ve been spending the past several years (on and off) whittling away at it and turning it into something… vaguely coherent. XD Which is great, considering my mindset at the age I was when I first came up with it. It’s so different now that you’d think it was an entirely different story, and the old ones are just… asjkgejg uugh.

Anyways, I was compelled a couple nights ago to draw an updated concept design for the upper half of a combat suit worn by the story’s main character, Maya (though there are a few others in the cast who also wear it, albeit with many differences). The design of this thing has been through so many changes I can’t even begin to remember them all. It’s hard to make something look both appealing and functional, as functionality is often sacrificed for the sake of appeal. Thankfully the nature of this universe (as well as my own personal taste) call for something less revealing and more suited to its purpose, which in my mind is what the steampunk genre is all about.

But there are a lot of interesting aspects of this universe which suggest a more… science fiction angle, one example being the plate around the back of her head, which I’ve conceived to project a holographic “halo” of sorts (not pictured). However, there isn’t much I can dive into without accidentally spilling details on the project I’d rather not say until the time is right. XD I doubt I’ll start full-on production until I get through a significant portion of Infinite 9 (WHICH BEGINS SOON) but it’s fun to show you guys these little tidbits. :3

Anyways, I’d like to hear your thoughts/questions on the design, if you’d indulge me! Meanwhile I have more pressing matters (*coughI9storyboardscough*) to attend to.

wow that was a long post

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