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Hail, traveler! Call me Evayo or Eva-whatever-you-want. I like movies, anime, video games, and food. I also draw stuff and make gifs sometimes.
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R.I.P Richard Griffiths

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This song is ending. But the story never ends.

Vale Decem…

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Painwheel appreciation post

It’s very rare that a fighting game has a story this well done. Skullgirls is a serious gem both for excellent writing and for its exceptional gameplay mechanics.

This is everything a fighting game should be and more. And you’re doing yourself a disservice by not playing it.


klfjhkldsjfkljf why isn’t it out for PC yet ;__;

Cerebella has to be my baby, she just wants attention

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Look at my new little baby rat :) Her name is Arya.

…What is it about baby pandas falling down that’s so gosh-darned cute?? ;u;

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You were my new dream.

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RIP: Jan Berenstain, who co-created the beloved Berenstain Bears book series with her husband Stan, passed away Friday after suffering a stroke. She was 88.

Jan and Stan — who passed away in 2005 — published the first Berenstain Bears book, The Big Honey Hunt, in 1962. They were encouraged and assisted by the head of Random House’s Beginner Books imprint, Theodor Geisel (better known as Dr. Seuss).

The couple went on to produce over 300 books in the series, and have those books translated into over 20 languages.


So…Father…Mother…Welcome home.

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“Sanae-san told me, places I can cry are in the bathroom, and in daddy’s arms.”

…. ;__________;

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9 Favorite Pictures of Clannad After Story (Episode 22 - “A Tiny Palm”)

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