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Feb 14 | Male | USA
Multi-Fandom | Digital Artist
Hail, traveler! Call me Evayo or Eva-whatever-you-want. I like movies, anime, video games, and food. I also draw stuff and make gifs sometimes.
Feel free to talk to me!
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Sitting here refining Shael’s design when suddenly hawt arches. :U

9 © Shane Acker and Focus Features
Infinite 9 © =EvayoArt

Anonymous said:

What's your shoe size?

Somewhere between 13/14… I have really big feet. XDDD;;

One of many sketches I did during my vacation… Well, technically this was done during a layover on the trip back home, but I had it in mind well before that. XDDD;;

I wanted to draw something involving humanized Eris because I was unsatisfied with the way I had drawn her a few months back. Miraculously I was able to pull off something decent this time despite the fact that I was in a stuffy, crowded airport. I will admit I tried to hide it because people kept looking at me while I was drawing it… X//DDD

I’m still not sure about the design of humanized Eris’ heels, though… It seems like that’s the only part that I really need to think through, considering how little every other part of her outfit needs to change from her stitchpunk counterpart. Nevertheless, the sketch is freaking sexy. XD

(Also I feel it’s worth noting that these humanizations are just for fun… You won’t be seeing them in the actual story of I9. XDD)

DA: http://evayoart.deviantart.com/art/Human-Eris-Don-t-Be-Shy-278341362


…A sock with a hole in it, but I COVERED IT NONETHELESS. >3