Also just thought I’d show this in case anyone was curious. :3

I do have a tendency for working mostly-unused concepts from 9’s production into Infinite 9’s story and design. <3

I’ve obviously taken quite a few creative liberties (curving the walls more, eagle statues, etc.), as we never actually see the building physically in the film… but I’m trying my best to preserve the integrity of the original design while still embellishing it with my own. 83

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More progress on the Vaterland Capitol Building, because I am simply ELECTRIFIED with inspiration right now! >8P

I’m still not entirely sure what the backside of the building should look like… Not that I think we’ll ever actually SEE it, but it’ll be useful to inform the architecture of the building’s interior. So if anyone has any kind suggestions before I have a go at it myself, I’m ALL ears. XD

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Anonymous said:
Did you know you are the best? Also, if you could travel to anywhere ever--fictional or non-fictional--where would you go? Which people--fictional or non-fictional--would you take with you? Or would you go alone?

Thank you so much. ;//w//; <3

And that’s quite a difficult question to answer… Honestly, though this may sound a little self-interested perhaps, I would reeeaaally want to travel to the world of Infinite 9. ^///^; I know it’s kind of my own creation, but I’m so invested in it creatively and emotionally that I’d do anything to see it realized in reality.

As for who I’d take with me, I’d most likely go alone… The world of Infinite 9 is vast and wonderful, but also terrible and dangerous. I could never risk the safety of someone I love to go there. However, if I did indeed decide to take someone, I would take my Lysa. c:

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