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So um. This happened without me noticing.








I did notice but wanted to see your reaction when you realized it. Worth it.

Meanwhile precious baby Pan is totally oblivious to what her brother is up to with Gizmo.

So um. This happened without me noticing.


beatwritersbane-deactivated2014 said:

Eba, can you write me a three sentence anything to make me feel better? I MISS YOU SO MUCH. ;A;


A three sentence anything you say? Well, I must ask, why does it only need to be three sentences? Why not several? ;3 Because there’s a lot I could say or do to make you feel better. <3

But for now, how about this…


          She wanted it to stop. She wanted the medicine to just knock her out already, to put her out of her misery and stop the room from spinning around her. Her throat must’ve looked like a train wreck on the inside after what she had been through this past week, and her nose was so stuffed up it was a miracle she could breathe at all. She coughed, the pain causing her to clutch her neck and whimper.

          “Whining about it won’t do you much good, you know,” the doctor calmly told her. “You’ve got the meds in your system. It’s time for you to get some rest.”

          She didn’t want to go to bed yet. She had so much that she wanted to get done. But deep down she knew that her friend was right, and so she reluctantly obeyed, slowly leaning her head down onto the pillows. She reached down to try and pull the sheets up and over her, but sickness had impaired her dexterity and she couldn’t grab hold. Thankfully her doctor was there to assist her, and with tiny metal hands he grasped the sheets, pulling them along as he stepped lightly across the mattress.

          She nestled into her coverings, sniffling a bit as the small stitchpunk sat near to her face, touching her cheek with the back of his hand. He pulled away after a brief moment, replacing his hand with a thermometer.

          “You’re still warm, but you’re getting there,” he said with a smile. He returned the thermometer to his bag and adjusted his optics, magnifying her skin. “And your color seems to be returning, I see.”

          She groaned.

          “Gizmo, you said that two days ago…” she spoke groggily, her voice little more than a raspy gurgle. “If I’m not getting better, just say it…”

          The doctor stood up, his stitched-up eyebrows furrowed.

          “Come on now, surely you’re joking. Do you really think a doctor as good as me would lie to a patient in need?”

          “Again with the ego…” she snorted.

          “Oh, you know what I meant. The point is, you’ve been on the road to recovery for days. The illness is just… a stubborn one. It’ll pass with time.”

          She rolled fully onto her back, throwing her arms up to the pillows in a frustrated manner. Her face contorted into an expression akin to that of a 2-year-old who didn’t get the toy she wanted from the grocery store, and she sniffled again, all the while suppressing another violent cough.

          “I don’t HAVE time!” she complained. “The month is almost over, and I need to keep working on-” She couldn’t hold it back any longer. The cough escaped full-force, very nearly knocking the stitchpunk doctor onto his back. But he kept his balance and leaned forward, holding himself up against her cheek while he waited for the coughing to pass.

          “Shhhh,” Gizmo placed a metal finger softly to her lips, silencing her before she could whine again. “Come on, don’t have that attitude. Clearly you don’t know yourself as well as I know you. You’ll get through this, and you’ll succeed. I promise.”

          “And if I don’t?” she said, returning her gaze back down to the doctor’s tiny form with a doubtful expression. The doctor didn’t waste a single moment trying to think of a way to answer her question. He already knew exactly what to say.

          “Then I’ll still be here,” he smiled. “I’m not going anywhere. Count on it.”

          It took a moment for his words to register with her, but when they finally did, her dry lips curled into a feeble smile. She may’ve had some doubts in regards to her medical status, but when it came to the doctor’s friendship and loyalty to her, she could never doubt his words. Her smile was a rare and wonderful sight in these days of illness, and no one was more glad than Gizmo was to see it.

          “Thank you, Gizzy…” she said weakly, laying on her side to face him.

          “No need to thank me,” he replied, but in actuality he greatly enjoyed hearing those words. “Now, do you have your cough rag?”

          She reached down under the covers, digging into the pocket of her pajama pants and pulling out a washrag that she’d been using lately to cover her mouth whenever she coughed in public. It was very useful in these situations and served as a good security item when Gizmo wasn’t there.

          “I never go anywhere without it,” she said, still smiling.

          “Good,” Gizmo smiled, and the very next moment he was laying next to her, his tiny stitchpunk form nestled warmly against the neck of his human friend. “Now, let’s get some sleep, okay…? We’ll see how you feel when the morning comes.”

          She nodded and pulled the blankets up over the both of them, letting out a contented sigh as she brought the doctor doll closer.

          “Goodnight, Gizzy…” she whispered.

          “Goodnight, Bane…”


They’re not exactly the most social bunch at times…Fin, Pan, Gizmo, and Shael seem nice enough though.

I think Areli’s just sore at me for that comment about Eris…

MAN, I’m slow. This has been up for like… over a month? How did I not notice this? 8|

Anonymous said:

Hello again Evayo. I have a quick question. What would you do if a certain rag-doll doctor and a certain time-traveling doctor were to meet one another? ~Radish

Well, assuming it were the Tenth doctor and assuming I buy into the idea of having David Tennant provide the voice of Gizmo, I can only imagine the exchange between them would be delightfully awkward for everyone involved, myself included. XD

Doctor: “Blimey, you sound just like me!”

Gizmo: “And you have my skinny physique!”

Doctor: “You’re almost as quirky and jumpy as I am…”

Gizmo: “And you seem pretty intelligent but at the same time confusing…”

Both “………..”

Me: “Best. Day. EVER.”

I came to the realization that I had been drawing stitchpunk hands wrong… or at least not as accurately as I would like. I doubt any of you really noticed, but I still felt it was something worth remedying. XD

So I decided to do a little study of stitchpunk hands, using 9’s as a base. And then I proceeded to redesign the hands of a few of the characters from Infinite 9, not to the point that they look completely different, but enough so that they’re a bit more plausible and interesting to look at. Hopefully I did the job well, and perhaps this will even aid you as a suitable reference. :3