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Hail, traveler! Call me Evayo or Eva-whatever-you-want. I like movies, anime, video games, and food. I also draw stuff and make gifs sometimes.
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Pacific Rim (2013)

Official Trailer

Giant robots… giant monsters… Guillermo Del Toro… and GLaDOS!?



9 (2009)

“You are all that’s left of humanity. You… are all the pieces of my soul.”

— The Scientist

what happened to this movie?  it just kinda dropped off the face of the planet…

It’s really hard to find anything official on it anymore. A sequel has been planned, but since the film received such mixed reactions, whether or not we’ll get it at this point is questionable — despite the fact it did relatively well at the box office. Which is a shame, because it’s a lot better than people give it credit for and generally takes multiple viewings to fully appreciate.

Either way, the fandom is still going strong! Three years in, and I don’t think any of us can rightly say that we’ve lost interest in it. It’s a big, creative universe that leaves so much room for exploration and expansion~ c:

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Leafie: A Hen into the Wild (2011)

마당을 나온 암탉

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Visually stunning films → Tron: Legacy

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I’m Gonna Wreck IT! by *DapperDanSchoening


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Finally had the honor of watching this amazing and beautiful film today. <3 I deeply regret being unable to see it when it was out in theaters, but it was more than worth the wait. The story, the animation, the scenery, the music… I am absolutely in love. ;u; First chance I get, I’m definitely buying the blu-ray.

And I swear, I must have a major soft spot for tiny human-like characters. I just want to take them all home with me~ >3<

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Evayo’s reactions to ‘The Avengers’

It’s hard to describe what I’m feeling at this moment. But surely, it’s somewhere between JGHK;LKTKLGHTEHJLKRE and ;LYJKRY;HTRKLK;LJE;WA.

Seriously, I can’t even find good-enough reaction gifs to show just how f*cking amazing this movie was to me.

Oh, except maybe this one.

That was me (But it’s not me. He probably watched The Avengers too.) almost every other minute. I swear, I may have bruises.

The most amazing thing about it, in my opinion, was finally getting to see all these little seeds Marvel had been planting across the previous films come together to form an amazing connecting story. And of course, the joining of all these amazing characters into one amazing team.

Can I keep using that word? “Amazing?”

Because that’s what this film is. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I haven’t felt so engaged in the experience of watching a movie in a very long time.

OH YES. And as a follow-up to my previous post, I am now TOTALLY hot for Black Widow. She can handle my scepter any day. :’//I

My only criticism on the movie? IT ENDED.

You pushed me this far, now I’m pushing you the rest of the way. You know, back in the woods, even when things looked really bad, I always thought we’d make it because I thought you were too stubborn to quit. Well, you’re not going to quit, not now, not when we’re this close.

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9 (2009)

9 and 5 prepare to venture into the bowels of The Factory.

9 (2009)

9 is introduced to 1’s sanctuary, where he has kept the stitchpunks safe and in-check for many years.

Okay, I was just now scanning through the film for some good shots for use on Tumblr, when my eyes were drawn to… something I hadn’t noticed before.

Is that what I think it is? A megaphone? It sure looks a hell of a lot like one, but why would there be megaphone hanging from the ceiling of 2’s workshop? Is it possible that it could be part of some primitive cross-cathedral communication system, like a loudspeaker for 1 to announce gatherings or whatever? o__o

Given everything, it’s certainly possible. We know that 2 was incredibly inventive, and that they have electricity powering lights and other possible mechanisms throughout the cathedral. And even if they didn’t, we all know how easy it is to make a phone with a pair of paper cups and some string. So what do you all think?

9 (2009)

1 is ambushed by a mysterious visitor.

9 (2009)

9 and 5 find themselves cornered by The Fabrication Machine.