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Hail, traveler! Call me Evayo or Eva-whatever-you-want. I like movies, anime, video games, and food. I also draw stuff and make gifs sometimes.
Feel free to talk to me!
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unperson101 said: It redirects you to there so that you can preorder it through those websites. What platform are you buying for?

PS4. I checked both websites and they both say they’re out of stock or unavailable for purchase. :’(

unperson101 said: I think if you go online, preorders for the special editions are still open destinythegame.com/wheretobuy

I tried it, it just redirects you to Gamestop or Amazon… The Limited Editions are still available, but the Ghost Edition is what I want… I hope it’s not super RIDICULOUSLY limited or something @n@

@azvolrien said: This will be helpful when writing her vocabulary: collinsdictionary.com/d…


@azvolrien said: Dass sollte ‘Dummkoepfe’ sein! Oder ‘Dummkopfe’, mit einem Umlaut ueber dem ‘o’.

Fixed! C: To be honest I did a lot of searching to try and find the correct spelling, but for whatever reason I didn’t find anything other than ‘dummkopf’.

@anna-watermelon said: did you kill it

naaah I didn’t, I’m not a Killy McCruelson >3<

@sociallyawkwardtoaster said: couldn’t you send it in to be repaired or trade it for a refurbished replacement?

My mom and I called them about that. We went to Best Buy and everything, and apparently the manufacturer won’t cover digitizer malfunctions without a warranty, or some crap like that. The only option they gave us is to pay out of pocket for a replacement digitizer.

@anna-watermelon said: You’re…jontron??

Wait, I… y…..YES. Yes, that’s precisely it!! I am Jontron, let’s go with that! ;’D

@magical-girl-rayebeas said:
Happy Birthday to you~ Have an awesome day! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

gklja’hkteh thank you magiccc~image

@no9jazzst said: …September 9th.



cecigabysketches said: Yur new theme is so Gorgeous! How do you create a theme ? I want to put music on my gallery too , even if i never post >,>

Haha well, I can’t say much about creating a theme from scratch— I just used one from A themes as a starting point. Either way you need to know at least a little bit of HTML coding to make or customize it, if you want a theme that’s all your own. They also have a page for music players, whatever your preference. :>

no9jazzst replied to your photo: Infinite 9 - Style & Color Tests Infinite 9 is…

Your imagination far exceeds your talent? Wow, that’s…actually a bit mindboggling *_*

Well, I didn’t mean it to be self-gratifying, but I’m glad you think so. xD

imageno9jazzst replied to your post: I’ve been re-watching LOST and it just occurred to…

God, no, that sounds absolutely horrible.

I said it’d be effective, I didn’t say it would be pleasant. xD

imagereconedgoose replied to your post: I honestly cannot understand how some people can…

It’s fucking stupid, he’s 14

EXACTLY, on top of everything else, he’s 14-years-old. He doesn’t deserve all the suffering he goes through and it’s awful how many people expect him to just man up and deal with it. Gendo is not a role-model here.

mikeylove replied to your post: Halo 4’s story probably won’t make sense to people…

The terminals explain the backstory

Oh yes, and those too. But even so, they only really explain the parts that are directly relevant to the game’s story. They don’t explore the complex ideas behind the Forerunner legacy as deeply as The Forerunner Saga does.

They’re still flipping amazing though and do tie up a lot of loose ends.

 snapshot19 replied to your post: Halo 4’s story probably won’t make sense to people…

my friends who dont read the books seemed mildly impressed with the story, but when i filled them in with as much detail as possible, and answered questions, they liked it more

Exactly! It’s not like it’s impossible to get or impossible to like if you haven’t read The Forerunner Saga, but it makes it so much more rewarding if you know all that stuff beforehand. It’s one of the reasons I love the game so much, because it actually dares to go deeper into the universe than any of the others did.